Hitman 2 (2018)
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In the immortal words of Simple Minds, Agent 47 has been saying Don’t You (Forget About Me) this week as IO Interactive lays out the 2019 content plans for Hitman 2. And look, yes, we did briefly forget Hitman 2 ever even happened, which is shameful in and of itself.

For those who’ve got 47’s latest though, there appears to be a fairly packed nine months of content coming our way shortly. This includes a pair of proper new levels, ‘The Bank’ and ‘The Resort’, as well as a couple of new Sniper maps and other assorted goodies.

It’s the new locations that’ll probably steal the show though, providing new murderous sandboxes within which to take down targets. Each of these usually offers about 10-15 hours of content depending on how thorough you are, and everyone knows Bank levels are the best levels in just about any game. It’s sure to be like a bank heist, but rather than stealing money, Agent 47’s only got stealing lives on his mind.

The other map looks to be an idyllic island getaway. You know the score; sandy white beaches, palm trees, beaming sunshine, and a pasty bald man trying to drop a coconut on someone's head.

Most of this content is restricted to the season pass holders, although there will continue to be Ghost Mode updates, weekly challenge packs, elusive targets, feature contracts, and community escalations peppered through the year.

Finally, there'll also be a series of time-limited themed events to tackle, including Spring Break, Jungle Summer, and Halloween.

After reports of disappointing sales figures at launch, it's pleasing to see IO Interactive continue to do right by Hitman 2 after launch. It's a great game that perhaps launched at a time that was a little too crowded, robbing it somewhat of the chance to shine. Hopefully, all this new content can give it another lease of life and keep this series going.