The Surge 2
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If you’ve polished up your run through Sekiro and you’re hankering after some more ultra-hard combat, Deck13’s The Surge 2 appears to be nearing completion. A whole bunch of new in-engine screenshots for this sci-fi flavoured take on Souls-like combat have been revealed.

The original The Surge was actually a pretty passable sci-fi alternative to Dark Souls, succeeding in emulating the core feel and loop of FromSoft’s seminal series in a way that Lords of the Fallen couldn’t. However, there were so many warehouses you could battle through before fatigue sets in, and environmental variety looks to be top of the agenda for The Surge 2.

Taking place a single giant city, The Surge 2 does appear to feature its fair share of grey, industrial, boxy locales, for sure, but this is supplemented by some lush undergrowth, rural settings, and a sense that this once-mechanized city is now being given up to nature.

There’s no release date to speak of for The Surge 2 just yet, although publisher Focus Home Interactive did indicate during its recent ‘What’s Next’ even that it should be ready to launch within the next few months. The Surge 2 is due to arrive on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.