Numerous reports have emerged regarding AMD’s plans with its upcoming 7nm Navi GPU architecture, all of which point toward a July 7th launch for Team Red’s next-generation graphics cards

AMD itself has confirmed it will be hosting a keynote at Computex 2019 in May, during which the Navi architecture will be front and centre. Nothing has joined on that front, although it would appear this is going to be more of a top-level overview.

Following this, we’ll then get a full unveiling on AMD’s Radeon RX Navi during E3 2019, according to TweakTown. E3 2019 takes place during the week of June 12th and will, of course, also play host to the PC Gaming Show. AMD has been pretty open to hardware reveals at this particular event, and what better place to show off a new graphics card family than to an audience of potentially millions of dedicated PC gamers?

This all checks out, but about that release date? Well, AMD is allegedly going in hard on the ‘sevens’ for Navi. It’s the 7nm process so, naturally, Navi is tipped to launch on July 7th, or 7/7, which handily works out whichever side of the Atlantic you happen to be on.

It would mean AMD has the most well-known platform in gaming from which to announce Radeon Navi, before having a full month of hype and accidentally-on-purpose ‘leaks’ before the 7th July launch.

In terms of performance, the latest report from TweakTown confidently claims the top-end Navi card will be approaching GeForce RTX 2080 levels of performance. If true, we’re talking about a video card very much in the same ballpark as Radeon VII. That in itself wouldn’t be overly impressive, but where these graphics cards could shine is in the price to performance.

Previous rumours suggested we were looking at $250 for a top-end Navi 10 GPU with performance equal to the GeForce GTX 1080. The stakes have now been raised though, and the performance is close to the $699+ RTX 2080. We’re deep into pinch of salt territory here, but a figure in the $300-350 range is being bandied up for the top AMD Navi card (potentially even as low as $249) with which would represent astonishing value for money compared to Nvidia’s current GPU line-up.

The top-end Navi 10 graphics card will, it’s reported, be known as the Radeon RX 3080, while the weaker Navi 12 GPU will power the Radeon RX 3070 and Radeon RX 3060. There's no word on pricing, but if we’re to take the 3080 as a barometer, $200-250 for the RX 3060 and $250-300 for the Radeon RX 3070 would be a reasonable assumption.

To me, that $249 figure just seems ludicrous in the current market. It would be fantastic to get performance almost level with an RTX 2080 for $249 but that feels like pie-in-sky stuff. $350 and we begin to enter the realms of possibility.

For now, it’s all conjecture, but what do you make of these new Radeon RX Navi rumours? Can you see AMD gunning for a 7/7 launch? Let us know your thoughts below!