Tropico 6
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The whole idea behind Easter confounds me but I’m not complaining as it does mean two national holidays, which is something I can clearly get behind. That means four glorious, uninterrupted days to gorge on chocolate, get some token socialising in, and then get down to the goodness that is playing games. Lots and lots of games.

Things are unerringly quiet on the release front right, with a few biggies right around the corner in the shape of Days Gone, Imperator: Rome, and Mortal Kombat 11. In the meantime though, well, we’ve still got a few gems like Phoenix Wright and Anno 1800 to mess around with, as well as 40 years of gaming history at our fingertips. It’s basically impossible to be short of games these days, what with the litany of stores, old games, and practically endless ongoing games.

So, this Easter, what are our gaming plans:

Jon - I polished off Detroit: Become Human last week so I’m stuck in a bit of a limbo, waiting to decide what to get stuck into next. I’m mighty tempted to pick up Anno 1800 having enjoyed what I saw of the closed beta. The Anno games have never entirely clicked with me but there’s something about this one which steps it head and shoulders above the other games in the series I’ve played. I’ve always been one for building rather than battling in the strategy games, and Anno 1800 looks as if it could well scratch that itch.

Aside from that, I’ll probably be dipping into a bit more Firestorm. Battlefield V has its detractors but I think Firestorm is the best battle royale out there at the moment. There’s a focus on pure gunplay and maneuvering which I appreciate, paired with an absolutely chaotic atmosphere during some of those closing circles. You’ve really got to be in your toes to come out on top and it’s proving a winner for me. Considering BFV’s seemingly limited appeal though, I’m trying to cram in as much as possible before interest fades away (sadly).

Squee - I’m up to my pineapple-scented armpits in Tropico 6 at the moment. Enjoying the silly dialogue! Not enjoying the road-creation tool. Sure, It’s basically “Tropico Again” but somehow it’s still kind of fun.

Also, after the announcement of the new Vampire: The Masquerade game, I realised that I never quite got through the original one, so I picked it up for next to nothing from It certainly shows its age, not just through the graphics and the gameplay decisions (including a ton of funless running backward and forwards through the maps) that don’t translate wonderfully to 2019, but also through the sheer - occasionally rather childish - seediness of the whole thing. The city is lousy with serial killers, the creepy dentist’s chair with rusty manacles object gets used liberally, and sometimes you find yourself samurai sword fighting with hookers in a peepshow and wondering what the heck you’re doing with your life.

It's a long weekend for a few folks so I'm sure plenty of you have picked up new games for this weekend, but what are you planning on playing? Are all the new games heading into your backlog while you boot up for another Apex sesh? Let us know!