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You know what I’ve always thought would make Forza Motorsport better? Taking out the ability to steer the cars. Hang on, no, I’ve literally never thought that, but someone at Microsoft/Turn 10 clearly did because now we’ve ended up with Forza Street, a racing game that strips Forza down to the bare minimum - acceleration.

Forza Street, as you probably guessed from the name, is all about street racing. It’s set in the Miami street racing scene and features an array of events and a garage of vehicles to unlock (or buy), as well as a litany of free and premium currencies to be earned.

Races themselves feel like glorified cinematics. The camera zooms and pans around your car with mouse presses be the only controls. Holding the left mouse button in accelerates, while right click activates boost. Letting go of accelerate at the right the time before a corner, and accelerating at the correct time out of a corner, allows you to race faster. It’s pretty basic stuff to be honest, although it could be a passable time-killer provided the microtransactions aren’t too egregious.

The one ray of light in all this is that Forza Street is absolutely free of charge. You can currently download it from the Windows Store on PC, and it will be coming to iOS and Android later this year. It certainly seems to be a game that’s more suited to mobiles and tablets, considering the full-fat Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon experiences are already available on PC.

Naturally, I laid my body on the line and gave Forza Street a download to see what it’s all about. It’s pretty simple, almost to a fault, but it does fit in nicely with the mobile racing scene. Gameplay-wise it feels like an extremely simple rhythm game, like playing Guitar Hero with just a single lane of notes.

It looks decent enough on PC so it could end up being a bit of a tablet showcase. However, there isn’t really enough in there to keep me playing on a desktop when I could just boot up Forza Horizon 4 and have the Scottish countryside at my fingertips.

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"Sounded exciting until I read the controls (or lack of). They should have just stuck to the mobile release since that is the type of game it seams to be."
"this is miami street with a title forza on top, don't even waste your time on this"