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By now you’ve probably seen the pictures of one of the most iconic Parisian landmarks going up in flames. A large portion of Notre-Dame cathedral has been gutted but have no fear, some billionaires have got together and donated hundreds of millions of Euros to the world’s richest religious organisation in an effort to get the monument rebuilt and restored. But how will it all be done? Well, it turns out that a helping hand could come from an unexpected source - Assassin’s Creed.

Notre-Dame de Paris is one of the central landmarks in Assassin’s Creed Unity and was painstakingly recreated in digital form. It’s a near one-to-one digitised version of Notre-Dame, and the single largest structure to be found in AC Unity.

It took two entire years to model this cathedral alone, with level artist Caroline Miousse explaining 80% of her entire development time on Unity was spent making Notre-Dame look as accurate as possible. The cathedral was recreated down to the placement of each individual brick, as well as all of the paintings that were actually hanging on the walls.

And all of that hard work could now find an alternative use, standing as the most accurate rendition in existence of a decadent building that is now ravaged by fire.

Ubisoft’s involvement has yet to be confirmed, but a number of parties are allegedly interested in lending their expertise to getting Notre-Dame de Paris looking exactly as it should, including Ubisoft with AC Unity and historian Andrew Tallon, who used lanner scanners to map the cathedral in three-dimensional space. Tallon’s work is accurate to 5mm, so between that and AC Unity, the restoration project has a strong base to work off.

It’s good to see something good can finally come from Assassin’s Creed Unity, eh?

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