The Witcher III
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Netflix has revealed the release window for The Witcher television series within a letter to investors. The first-quarter fiscal results were the focus of the investor notice, but Netflix also outlined some upcoming Netflix Original highlights coming our way in 2019.

The hotly anticipated television adaptation of The Witcher will launch in the fourth quarter on 2019, presumably meaning the entire first series of the fantasy drama will drop on the same day.

We know already that Superman actor Henry Cavill will be attempting to fill the boots of Geralt of Rivia, a tall order indeed. I have a sneaking suspicion Witcher fans won’t take too kindly if the role isn’t given the necessary justice.

As well as this, Frey Allan will play a young Ciri and Anya Chalotra will take on the role of Yennefer.

It’s worth bearing in mind of course that The Witcher Netflix series will be based on the novels by Andrzej Sapkowski rather CD Projekt RED’s RPG series, in much the same way get different entertainment products based on the Lord of the Rings books and the movies. Don’t expect the characters to look identical to the games, basically, although Netflix certainly has plenty of source material to work with.

Spakowski himself has said he’s got no creative involvement with the Netflix series, merely providing the rights. He’s certainly involved in some sort behind the scenes though, with showrunner Lauren Hissrich saying “there are several Polish people on the creative team — starting with Mr Sapkowski. He did not wish to write scripts on our show -- he reminded us he's a novelist, not a screenwriter -- but he's absolutely part of the team.”