Partisans 1941
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As a big fan of Commandos, a game called Partisans 1941 certainly caught my eye when some gameplay footage hit YouTube earlier this week. It was officially announced last year, although this is the first I’ve personally seen of this tactical real-time strategy game set during World War 2.

Partisans 1941 features non-linear storytelling and a narrative based on the Soviet partisans, a group of resistance fighters that waged a guerilla war against Axis forces occupying the Soviet Union. It’s certainly an under-explored aspect of World War 2, and while developer Alter Games makes no claims to historical accuracy, it nevertheless offers a look at how it may have been during this turbulent time.

Featuring a squad of more than 10 unique characters, each with specific skills, players use a top-down interface to plan attacks, sneak around, and discover vital information from the occupying Axis forces.

There looks to be a little more control over proceedings than we saw with Commandos though, with players free to choose the time of the day for missions, or wait for changing weather conditions to try and swing an advantage. Between missions, players will build their own camp at which new missions can be grabbed, units, weapons and supplies can be upgraded, while production facilities enable the creation of new tools and explosives.

There’s no word on a release date just yet for Partisans 1941, but this promising RTS is PC-bound.