Today’s the first time I’ve checked in on Battlefield V this week and I was surprised to see it’s been updated with a time-limited new game mode - Grind.

Grind is a 32 v 32 Conquest variant in which maps have been redesigned to accommodate narrow, linear layouts. Narvik, Rotterdam, Devastation, and Twisted steel all have now variants that feature just three capture points in a line, offering a sort of push/pull form of gameplay as two huge forces crush each other head-to-head.

The focus in Grind is absolutely on infantry combat, with no vehicles to speak off. It’s a meat grinder of bullets and stielhandgranates as the forces inch forward deeper into enemy territory. Matches are pretty fast, typically lasting about 10 minutes, with the team with the highest ticket count emerging the victor.

Each of the four maps is obviously slightly different in design, with Twisted Steel being the slimmest of the lot. This map is absolutely brutal in this new mod, trimming the play area down to just the central bridge with the teams spawning at either end. There really aren’t many places to high, although I’ve found it a great way to clean up any weapons challenges.

Grind is live now in Battlefield V and playable through to April 24th.