Just a quick one for those of you in the market for a freebie - Transistor is currently available to download for free through the Epic Games Store.

SuperGiant Games’ isometric hack ‘n’ slash didn’t really do it for me personally but nevertheless scored plenty of rave reviews. It’s from the folks behind breakout hit Bastion, this time opting for a more sci-fi focused tale with real-time combat, fast-paced action, and the ability to build a wholly unique combat loadout by slotting together skills.

Plenty of people love Transistor though so it’s definitely a game at least worth checking, provided you’re in the camp of folks which can stomach the Epic Store.

All you need to do to grab your copy of Transistor is to log into a valid Epic account, either through the launcher or the store’s website; add Transistor to your basket, then checkout. Simple. You've got until May 2nd to add it to your library.