If you’re a glutton for punishing yourself, why not take a look at what could’ve been with the emergence of a large batch of alleged screenshots from Left 4 Dead 3. Or, at least what Left 4 Dead 3 could’ve been if Valve actually continued developing the co-op shooter.

The leak, from Valve News Network’s Tyler McVicker, and a pretty reliable source for anything Valve-related, show off a build of Left 4 Dead 3 that was apparently deep into development, possibly as far back as 2013.

These screenshots show off some sort of Middle Eastern setting for Left 4 Dead 3, complete with, ahem, Dust-y towns, narrow alleyways, and the Source 2 engine in full action. If some of it looks a little familiar to you, it seems some of the old Left 4 Dead 3 builds were using assets ripped straight from CSGO, presumably as a quick method to get some base map designs down for zombie-filled FPS.

According to McVicker, the leaked screenshots could be from a L4D3 build from as far back as 2013, although the game itself was apparently in development all the way through to early 2017. It was subsequently canceled due to a breakdown between the various teams working on. For this, interpret it as Valve’s fairly open structure, where employees and terms are given the freedom to work on what they want, when they want. In this case, it doesn’t appear as it worked out.

Other details from Left 4 Dead 3 include a grand total of eight playable characters - four from the games and four all-new characters. It may have also had optional VR support, although this perhaps seems a little speculative.

None of it really matters now though, as the Left 4 Dead 3 project is allegedly dead. There’s nothing to stop Valve working on an entirely new version of the game, of course, although it doesn’t seem a likely scenario right now.

As it is, the door is wide open for original Left 4 Dead developer Turtle Rock Studios. They recently announced a publishing deal with Warner Bros for ‘Back 4 Blood’, which sounds like a Left 4 Dead clone if ever we’ve heard one.