I was busy being a despicable little despot in Tropico 6 this weekend when I looked down at seemingly idyllic island paradise and wondered what it would be like to see out my days on its pixellated coast. Sure, there’s a ton of crime and some rebels are trying to sabotage my mines, but there’s infinite sunshine and a bottomless box of Cuban cigars to while away the time.

Of course, my miniature Lenin overseeing this place could prove a bit of a nuisance, but it was enough to get me thinking about which games I would choose to experience in real life.

Once I’d extended this thought to other games, I was quickly reminded just how brutal practically every game in existence is. Would I want to spend a week in Doom’s demon-infested Mars base? I’d rather eat a pinecone whole. How about a nice weekend in Raccoon City? I could go sightseeing to the gun shop and the RCPD, although I’d have to nope out of there once Mr. X comes to give it to me.

We play games to escape and transport us to fantastical worlds though; even the gruesome ones. There’s something about stepping out into the lush green hills of Cyrodiil for the first time, or wondering how much a nice toadstool house would cost in the Mushroom Kingdom. Heck, wanting to be immersed in these worlds is practically the very reason that VR was invented. Thanks to VR, we’re closer to true presence in virtual worlds than ever before.

So say you’ve got a golden ticket with access to experience any game in the world in real life, which would you choose? Would you go on a gung ho rampage in the Himalayas with Far Cry 5? Or would you build the ultimate theme park in Planet Coaster and churn your guts up with corkscrews and milkshakes? Let us know below! I give it about three posts before someone says Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball.