Microsoft has updated its Xbox Community guidelines in an effort to make it clearer and more transparent what is, and isn’t, acceptable in terms of trash talk on Xbox Live.

The new guidelines outline the difference between trash talk and harassment, I guess because some people need to be talked to like idiots to have it explained to them. A little trash talk is a-ok with Microsoft, who say “A little trash talk is an expected part of competitive multiplayer action, and that’s not a bad thing.” But, when trash talk tips over into hate and harassment, this violates the Xbox Live terms and conditions.

So, without ado, here are some examples of acceptable trash talk under Microsoft’s guidelines:

  • Get destroyed. Can’t believe you thought you were on my level.
  • That was some serious potato aim. Get wrecked.
  • Only reason you went positive was you spent all game camping. Try again, kid.
  • Cheap win. Come at me when you can actually drive without running cars off the road.
  • That sucked. Get good and then come back when your k/d’s over 1.

Those words were written by a real human. My personal favourite is “Try again, kid”, a sure sign that the person saying it is, in fact, a child, or just a weird man with a velcro wallet, a dash cam in their car, and whose favourite things are Fight Club, Jeremy Clarkson, and the armed forces.

And here’s what harassment looks like:

  • Get . Can’t believe you thought you were on my level.
  • Hey , that was some serious potato aim. Get wrecked, trash.
  • Only reason you went positive was you spent all game camping. KYS, kid.
  • Cheap win. Totally expected from a .
  • You suck. Get out of my country—maybe they’ll let you back in when your k/d’s over 1.

It seems reasonable to presume each of those final three statements violates Microsoft’s terms, they’re scummy things to say, although the first two don’t look so bad. Under Microsoft’s terms, it looks like any sort of profanity whatsoever is banned, hence you can’t say ‘Get fucked’ or ‘Hey ballbag’ as they would be in violation of the first two terms. I should imagine there’s plenty of competing opinions that would suggest outright banning profanities is a step too far.

So, and I’m probably going to regret this, let’s open it to the whole GD community. First and foremost, do you think in-game chat should be monitored and appropriate action taken? And if you do, what do you think the limit of acceptability is?