Battalion 1944 marching out of Steam Early Access with Russia-focused Eastern Front update

Written by Neil Soutter on Sun, May 12, 2019 12:16 PM
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With just over a year of testing under its belt, 5v5 online shooter Battalion 1944 will be leaving Steam Early Access this month. Version 1.0 heralds the arrival of the Russians to the fight, introducing the free Eastern Front expansion with a heap of new Russian-focused maps and weapons.

I can see a PPSh-41 with a drum magazine in the artwork and that is literally all I need to satisfy my Call of Duty nostalgia. You know, back from when Call of Duty used to be great and wasn’t all killstreaks, invisibility cloaks, and Soap MacTavish. Don't @ me.

The changes in this update for Battalion 1944 are actually pretty massive. A grand total of nine of new weapons are being added, comprising PPSh-41 Drum Magazine, SVT-40,

Baikal 21 Double Barrel Shotgun, PPS-43 Stick Magazine, Fedorov Avtomat, Mosin Nagant, Mosin Nagant Scoped, TT-33, and RGD-33. There will also be three new maps, improved competitive matchmaking, a 1v1 mode, free for all deathmatch, new challenge system, stat tracking, in-game rewards, BattleRank Season 3, leaderboards, improved character visibility, audio overhaul, and general gameplay improvements. They’re going all-in basically, although hopefully, it’s not one last dying hurrah.

Now, a big warning if you’re just now thinking of giving Battalion 1944 a shot with its 1.0 release. At the time of writing, just 51 people are playing Battalion 1944, with a 24-hour peak of 142 concurrent players. It’s pretty much a dead game right now, so its success is going to massively hinge on the arrival of Eastern Front. It may pay to wait until after Battalion 1944 leaves Steam Early Access and see if it gains any traction before dropping your cash.

Battalion 1944: Eastern Front is out May 23rd. There’s nothing to stop you buying and playing the game right now of course, although all of this updated content is still just over a week away.

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17:04 May-12-2019

I think even becoming a full release won't revive this game, had big hopes and some fun with it but almost no one plays anymore.


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