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After our hugely popular hardware giveaway last year, we're back with another Spring competition bonanza. The ultimate gaming giveaway is up for grabs for one GD'er, with the opportunity to pick from a brand spanking new Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card, or £300 Steam credit to spend on whatever games you wish to enjoy over the coming months.

For returning people, it's a similar format to last time around. For PC gamers after the ultimate hardware boost, we've got a free GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card to give away, but if you're already happy with your GPU, the winner could also choose a $300 pot of Steam cash. A tricky decision for sure, but there are certainly worse problems to have.

So one lucky winner will be given the choice - a GeForce RTX 2060 6GB or $300 Steam credit, whichever one they want. That lucky winner will have their brand new GeForce RTX 2060 dispatched directly to their doorstep (I will talk to the winner to find out your physical address) Before they know it they'll be living the ray-tracing dream. If the winner wants the Steam credit, this can simply be sent straight to their Steam account.

How do you get involved in this free game giveaway? It's the usual GD entry format stuff below. Anyone can be in with a chance of winning. And a lot of regular GD'ers will already be in with a chance, having completed entry actions last competition that carry forward to this hardware giveaway. The more actions you commit from the table below the more chances you have at winning this awesome piece of graphical gaming hardware.

A quick note - don't try to cheat the system as it logs users with suspicious behaviour and automatically removes them from the winner selection draw, and it doesn't tell you that it's removed you.

How do I get in touch with the winner? I send an email or contact you via Twitter or Facebook or Steam or directly on GD, depending on how you enter and win. So make sure your email address is valid.

For those who just want to complete a quick entry, you can also just jump in to the competition with our Tweet button below or by installing our GD Anywhere Extension. Anyone using the extension will automatically be in with a chance of winning any of our competitions. And so you may already be in with a chance if you have that. FYI, we will be looking to revamp the extension over the coming month or so to make it work on more browser types.

Spring RTX 2060 GPU or $300 Steam Cash Giveaway Competition


Add Your Own Review Scores to the Best PC Games List - You get an extra one entry into this giveaway for each game you score in that page. But please be aware that it detects if you spam the scores, provide the same repeated results or submit results too frequently then these may excluded. So just review the games you wish to score. Submit your scores for any game you have an opinion on, you don't have to have played it or finished it.

Bonus action can be done every day for an extra entry - So you will want to revisit here as often as is practical for you.

Also, anyone who is a Steam Group member of GD, or in the GD Discord, will also be in the draw, so please add yourself to our GD Steam group or GD Discord as well.

Again, to clarify, each way you enter counts as one or more entry into the competition. So entering via tweeting counts as an entry, submitting each review score is a separate entry, already being a member of our Steam or Discord chat group counts as another entry,  already having installed our useful GD Anywhere Extension counts as 3 entries, being a youtube channel member is another entry, and so on. A lot of you may not even need to bother to join our social groups because you are already in them and therefore entered into our hardware giveaway competition. But you can always fire out a new tweet to add another entry or revisit each day for our bonus entry click.

WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT: The competition closes on Friday, May 31st and the winner announcement will take place at some point following that and assuming my successful connection with the winner (FYI - there have actually been a few times where I have had to draw a second winner because I failed to make contact with the first winner drawn - So keep an eye on things around the end of the month).

Keep this article bookmarked and check back in at the end of the month to see if you've scooped up the prize.

Good luck, everyone!

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