If I was Jeff Bezos, I wouldn’t be frittering away my time designing vast habitable space stations when we’re probably best served just looking after the planet we already live on. That and, well, I’d probably bung a few billion I found down the back of the sofa towards the games industry. He’s one of the few people on the planet who can literally pay for the creation of any piece of media entertainment he wishes. He’s got the money to bankroll any game you can think of.

So, if you had access to Bezos’ grubby billions (far easier to obtain when your employees are living off food stamps), what dream game sequel would you like to see get made?

Personally, I feel as if I’ve been incredibly well-served. I’ve been waiting 17 years for the Shenmue series to come back from the dead and I finally get my wish this August. A lot of my favourite franchises also benefit from plenty of sequels, such as Zelda and 3D Mario. But I’m still greedy for more.

Avoiding the totally obvious choices (Hello Half-Life 3, my old friend), I’d have to say the trio of sequels which I’d love to see are, in no particular order, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3, Rainbow Six Siege 2, and Earthbound 2.

All three of those seem out of the question right now, although Siege 2 would be likeliest to actually happen. BioWare is stuck in the doldrums right now, and Obsidian is having pillow talk with Microsoft, which pretty much rule out KOTOR 3 actually being what I want it to be. SNES RPG Earthbound already has a pseudo-sequel in the shape of Mother 3, a game which never released outside of Japan, but I’d love a genuine, modern sequel. And Rainbow Six Siege is still in incredibly rude health. I’ve played Siege for three and a half years now though and the formula’s grown a bit tired for me. There’s only so much that adding new Operators and maps can do to sustain my interest. An utterly fantastic game, but one which is now largely done for me. The intense focus on balance for eSports kind of killed off the fun eventually, and I’d love a sequel with more dynamic destruction effects.

Over to you now then, what are your three dream sequels that have yet to be announced? Any beloved franchises that have been lying dormant for decades that you’d like to see make a comeback? Let us know your dream game announcements!

Our Favorite Comments
"Prototype 3, Ryse Son of Rome 2, lords of shadow 3 but my biggest wish is Warcraft 4"
"Witcher, Tiberium Wars 2, BFME 3, Baldur's Gate. There are a lot of sagas and trilogies that I would like to see more of."
"Zone of The Enders 3, but since KONAMI is not making games except for PES it won't probably happen."