A creative director at Ubisoft may have just revealed that a new Splinter Cell is actively being worked on. Julian Gerighty, a creative director on Tom Clancy’s The Division, shared a photo of him with two other Ubisoft directors with the caption:

“Working on the next #SplinterCell with @danhaynow and @romcamor in #Lyon. Can’t wait for #E3.

“Crossover with #TheCrew2 with @_fergus_ :)

Only missing @GhostRecon and @Rainbow6Game - but on their way.”

Ubisoft commented on the matter, saying "Julian was obviously joking as Julian likes to do. It looks like our creative directors are having fun right now. We do not have any announcements to make at this time." Ah Julian, you little gagster you. Ubisoft must adore your jokes.

Noted scooper Jason Schreier, of Kotaku, said this is “almost certainly not” real. “This tweet has made the internet explode but it’s a bunch of Ubisoft creative directors, each of whom has their own projects, getting drunk at a summit and trolling you all,” continued Schreier.

Now, we can’t rush to any conclusions, but as far as jokes go this is probably isn’t going to win the Edinburgh Fringe. Not many jokes got to the effort of including eight PR-related hashtags, two other game accounts, and a pair of creative directors. It’s a well-crafted tweet as well, tagging in dozens of other topics without a typo in sight. I generally can’t spell my own name right when I’m drunk.

It could just be an epic mistake which is being brushed under the carpet, or, fairly likely, an effort at guerrilla marketing. I’d probably bet on the latter, particularly once Gerighty then shared a DM from a Ubisoft PR associate director asking him to “Turn Your Phone Off.”

Basically, we’re none the wise, so thanks Julian!

What do you reckon then, are Ubisoft being crafty here? Do you think a new Splinter Cell is coming, or is this a rib-cracking joke? Let us know!