DOTA Underlords
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Valve has trademarked a new game name, possibly tying into its plans to launch a new flagship game later in 2019.

A trademark application for ‘DOTA Underlords’ was filed on May 6th and relates to “Computer game software; Electronic game software; Video game software”.

Speculation is already rife as to what DOTA Underlords could be. It could be a major overhaul for DOTA 2 itself, possibly even an expansion for Artifact. Lord knows Artifact needs a lifeboat to come and grab it spluttering out of the stormy ocean, but would an expansion be enough?

Alternatively, DOTA Underlords could even be a mobile spin-off of DOTA, or perhaps an official version of DOTA Autochess, a mod that's swiftly achieved mega-success.

And the final assumption is that this could be Valve’s touted “flagship VR game later this year”. Creating a DOTA spin-off with VR support definitely sounds like something Valve would do these days, although it remains to be seen whether such a title could be a system seller for VR, or be qualified as a ‘flagship’ title.

DOTA 2’s The International 2019 is due to take place this August though, and that sounds like the perfect place to announce whatever DOTA Underlords is. Artifact was revealed during The International 2017 so it certainly sounds like a possible prospect.

For me, DOTA is sandwiched between scrubbing the floor and Ed Sheeran as one of the top three most boring things in life, so this doesn’t come as the most exciting news personally, barring a massive surprise in the direction it takes. Still, there are legions of DOTA 2 fans. Millions of them, and plenty of you are I suspect, so there’s clearly a big audience for some sort of spin-off. It can’t go any worse than Artifact, surely.

What do you reckon could be on the cards for DOTA Underlords? Take your best guess below!