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The dates are in for the next Steam sale. The Steam Summer Sale 2019 will be kicking off in just over a month’s time, beginning on Tuesday, June 25th. The sale will roll on for two weeks and will last until July 9th.

Dates for the Steam sale were confirmed by Steam Database, a very reliable source for the comings and goings of the Steam store. These dates usually leak around the time developers and publishers are first informed of the potential sale dates, necessary in order for them to prepare their discounts.

The Steam Summer Sale is usually one of the two biggest Steam sales of the year alongside the Winter Sale. We can expect to see thousands of games discount over the course of the fortnight, so if you’re waiting for any particular games to go on sale then next is probably the time.

That’s if there’s anything to buy on this barren storefront, of course, what with Epic snapping up everything under the sun for the Epic Games Store. We’ll have to make do with the measly 12,000 games which will inevitably be on sale.

One final time then - the Steam Summer Sale 2019 begins on Tuesday, June 25th at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST.