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Epic Games doesn’t do anything without being horrendously aggressive, like those weird egg Twitter accounts, so the first ever Epic Games Store sale obviously wasn’t going to be any different.

The ‘Epic Mega Sale’ is running for the next month and is basically a store-wide sale with discounts across most of its (admittedly limited) catalogue.

Prices vary from country to country, but each and every game priced over £13.99 here in the UK has £10 knocked off. So the recently announced John Wick Hex, which isn’t out until later this year, has had its pre-order price knocked down from £15.99 to £4.39. It’s a bit insane really.

Again, this includes every title above that price point. Satisfactory is down from £27 to £17; Borderlands 3 has dropped from £50 to £40, and the two-week-old Close to the Sun is down from £25 to £15. I’ve been keeping an eye on Observation and a pre-order for that is down from £20 to £8; Phoenix Point is available for £22 which is pretty eye-opening for a pre-order. Epic must surely be splashing a lot of cash for deals like this.

There are also discounts of up to 75% on select titles on the Epic Games Store. The recently released World War Z is a highlight, dropping from £32 down to £18, while The Walking Dead: The Final Season is already down to £4.24.

If you want don't want to spend any money, Epic will also be giving a free game away for every week of the sale, from now through until June 13th. It's unclear whether this is on top of the free games that are already being given away each fortnight, but World of Goo is currently up for grabs. Scratch that, it's literally just changed to Stories Untold.

Naturally, all of this will involve you selling your soul to the Epic Games Store, although the discounts certainly aren’t something to be sniffed at. You can find the deals for yourself over here.

Is anybody will to use the Epic Store for some deep discounts? Or are you holding firm?