Another weekend, another opportunity for some uninterrupted gaming bliss. Quite a few big games have snuck up on this week, including Rage 2, Sniper Elite V2: Remastered and, the surprise of the bunch, A Plague Tale: Innocence. Asobo's grim adventure through plague-ridden France has scooped up some incredibly positive reviews. What better way to while away the spring sunshine. 

Jon: One thing led to another and I’m actually going to watch sweaty men grapple one another at WWE Raw tonight. It did briefly cross my mind to give WWE 2K19 a download in preparation, or post-show, but those games have been on a downward slope from Smackdown for years now. Instead, it’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice time.

I started Sekiro last weekend and I’ve made some solid progress. Three bosses are down, about 10 or so mini-bosses have been sliced into tiny pieces, and I’ve met suspiciously few roadblocks so far. The early game, at least, is a much smoother ride than Bloodborne. I’m sure that’s all going to change soon though, and I’ll no doubt be in for a world of pain. Naturally, I’m extremely keen to hop back in for more. The combat and exploration elements are just sublime, and I’m also finding it pretty generous in how different avenues of progress it offers. You may butt heads with a particularly difficult boss, only to discover another route with a prayer bead, new prosthetic, and a mini-boss, all of which better prepares you to head back and take on that original boss.

There are few welcome changes to the Souls formula which I wasn’t necessarily expecting to like, either. No stamina limit is an absolute godsend, as are the nimble movement abilities, simplified loadouts, and a fairer punishment for death that doesn’t have me endlessly trekking back to scrape up my lost souls from the floor.

I’m only maybe 10 hours in but Sekiro is certainly right up there as a potential game of the year candidate alongside Resident Evil 2 Remake, and nothing else has really come close. Hopefully this weekend it can keep up the fantastic early impression.

Felix: I was playing Tropico 6 a month ago, as I suddenly developed that sandbox, management, city-builder itch. While chatting with Squee he reminded me that, while Tropico 6 [Our Tropico 6 review] is fun to pick up and put down, Cities Skylines is actually where the real city building lies. Skylines has tonnes of DLC for you to grab as well. And so when i find a moment I have been booting up Skylines to lay out the roads and designate the areas for development. Its pretty easy going to start with and now a dozen or so hours in I have a city of around 30K people. You can watch them all make their way around the place, jumping on trams and buses to get to the stinky industrial areas, where they work.

I certainly recommend a go on Cities Skylines if you want to leisurely while away a day of city planning. The devs have made it very accessible and it certainly sits top of my city building chart at the moment. Cities Skylines [Our Skylines review] released a few years back now, but to look at it feels like it could have released within the past year. New DLC for skylines is still being developed as well.

So that's us, but as always we're keen to know what your gaming plans are over the next few days. Are you getting busy with some hardcore Skyrim modding? Getting your traffic running smoothly in Cities Skylines? Or giving mutants a black eye in Rage 2? Let us know!

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