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It’s freebie time, and Ubisoft is currently giving away free copies of Steep on Uplay.

The deal only applies to PC players, but Uplay users just need to claim their copy of Steep anytime between now and May 21st at 11pm your local time.

Once you’ve claimed your copy, Steep will be added to your Uplay library and it’ll be yours to keep forever. Simple.

Jon gave it an 8/10 in his original review back in 2016, saying “Basically nothing in Steep is ever quite perfect, but what’s here can potentially be a real joy and the potential for a sequel, with these issues ironed out, is absolutely mouthwatering. See you on the slopes.”

Steep’s a bit of an underrated gem that unfortunately suffers from a lack of character. Most of the launch issues aside from this have been sorted out though, particularly once Ubisoft added the ability to grind which opened up the potential for better trick runs once more. They’ve also released two expansions so far - Road to the Olympics and X-Games. These add new areas to explore, as well as new disciplines and a fair chunk of new activities.

You can claim your free PC copy of Steep by following the link.