The rumours surrounding a Watch Dogs 3 are building a significant head of steam, with the latest suggesting a reveal could be taking this very week, on May 24th.

The leak comes from German gaming site Spiel Times, who claim two sources have independently verified Watch Dogs 3 will be getting an initial reveal this week. They’ve also staked their reputation on a few specific details as to how Watch Dogs 3 will alter from its predecessors.

First and foremost, they claim the main protagonist in Watch Dogs 3 is called Sarah. They somewhat awkwardly suggest she’s “half-Asian, half-English”. One’s a race, the other’s a nationality, so we’re assuming they mean Sarah’s English with Asian ethnicity.

Anyway, Spiel Times claims Sarah works for an anti-terrorist branch in the UK which specifically deals with cybersecurity. Presumably, she’s working for or with ctOS in London, so there’s definitely scope to go rogue there, or to perhaps look at cybersecurity from another angle.

Players will be able to skateboard in Watch Dogs 3, as well as tag up the city. Interestingly, this latest report corroborates the earlier rumours that lethal weapons may not be in Watch Dogs 3 at all. Guns are in pretty short supply in London, so it would certainly make thematic sense if Watch Dogs 3 went the melee/non-lethal route.

The last rumour sounds a bit tedious considering the details on the main protagonist, but one of the sources believes that Watch Dogs 3, like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, will offer players the option to choose between a male or female protagonist. I don’t know many men called Sarah, myself, but perhaps she’s just the lead for marketing purposes.

Where the details get a little bit sketchy for us is that they also claim Watch Dogs 3 is due to launch in November 2019. Ubisoft themselves in a recent investor briefing suggested Ghost Recon Breakpoint was its only late 2019 title, but there are 3 unannounced AAA games out this year so this rumour could still have merit.

We won’t have long to wait and see whether this rumour is true or not. They reckon the initial reveal trailer for Watch Dogs 3 will be shown this coming Friday, May 24th.