F1 2019
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Codemasters has dropped the first proper in-game trailer for the upcoming F1 2019, building up some hype before it launches at the end of next month.

It’s quite a leftfield trailer from Codemasters, surprising us all with a bunch of Formula 1 cars racing around a track. Okay, so precisely none of it is surprising, although I did briefly enjoy confusing myself as to whether some scenes were real-life footage or not. It turns out it’s absolutely all in-game, my eyes have failed me. Codemasters have long worked wonders in terms of F1’s visuals, and it’s certainly a big step up from their other landmark franchise - Dirt.

“Every year we make great strides so the game is as authentic and immersive as possible and we have surpassed expectations with the quality of the visuals in F1 2019,” says Lee Mather, F1 game director. “We also know from fan feedback the classic cars our community want to race and we hope the returning roster, alongside the new vehicles from the Legends and Anniversary editions, will give them the choices they crave.”

Anyway, enough of the chitter chatter *slaps Martin Brundle out of the room*, it’s on with the main event, the trailer itself.

F1 2019 is racing towards a June 28th release on PC and consoles, arriving a good few months earlier in the year than it typically has. That should give F1 fans plenty more time with the game while the season’s still ongoing, thankfully.

In the meantime, the system requirements for F1 2019 are now out in the wild so be sure to give those a once-over to ensure you're ready.