One of the best things about gaming is the sheer variety at our fingers. We’ve got dozens upon dozens of genres to pick from and hundreds of sub-genres. There’s truly something for everyone out there, regardless of taste. Once we find something we love, it’s all-too-easy to spend hundreds upon hundreds of hours immersed in its world.

But which game has grabbed you the most, swallowing up days of your gaming time?

For me, my current champion is Rocket League, and it’s not even close to be honest. I’ve clocked up 736 hours so far in Rocket League on PC, and I don’t feel like I’m going to be stopping any time soon. Truly a rarity, I’d probably call it a perfectly designed game. I wouldn’t envy Psyonix trying to develop a sequel.

I’m sure 736 hours pales in comparison to a few folks out there though. Look in the reviews section of any Paradox Interactive title and it’s littered with fans who’ve literally put thousands of hours into a single game (and then given it a thumbs down for their review).

So what’s your current reigning champion in terms of time played on Steam? Was it worth it? Is there an absolute gem out there that you just cannot stop playing? Let us know what game it is below, and share your total time played if you’re up for it!

If you’re unsure what your most played game is on Steam, it’s actually pretty straightforward to find out.

  • Head to your Steam profile page.
  • Click ‘View All Recently Played’.
  • Click ‘All Games’.
  • All your games should be sorted by playtime on this page.
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