It’s Total War: Three Kingdoms' launch day tomorrow and Creative Assembly is already getting busy putting together its post-launch content plans. As it’s first new historical era game for six years, they’re putting some large efforts into expanding the project over the coming years.

“We’re taking a slightly different approach to DLC for TW3K; based both on the exciting opportunities the Romance of the Three Kingdoms source material offers us and the preference we know players have for larger DLCs which adds considerable new replay”, explains CA’s James High.

To that end, TW: Three Kingdoms will have a series of ‘Chapter Packs’. They’re a new type of expansion based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms, adding in new start positions, additional characters, features, and objectives with each chapter. Some will include new playable factions and extra mechanics to add new gameplay wrinkles. It sounds a whole lot like Paradox’s grand strategy expansions, to be honest, and each Chapter Pack will be between a Culture Pack and a Campaign Pack in terms of size.

In theory, this should lend Three Kingdoms more ongoing interest and replayability. Players will often find new scenarios and challenges to tackle, each a little bit different than what’s gone before.

In addition to this, CA will, obviously enough, be pushing out free updates to Total War: Three Kingdoms aiming at patching, polishing, and adjusting based on fan feedback. “We know that no matter what we might think, as soon as the game launches and millions of people start playing, there’s going to be some things we need to act on fast,” says High.

And, last but not least, Total War: 3 Kingdoms will be getting full mod support via the Assembly Kit. Currently scheduled to launch shortly after the main game, the Assembly Kit will allow players to tweak the game to their heart’s content before releasing their work to the Workshop.

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