Now, there’s nothing wrong with exclusives. They’re part and parcel of selling console hardware. Without them, well, what’s left, really? Many of the console exclusives simply wouldn’t exist without the backing of a console manufacturer either, providing the opportunity to take a few more risks creatively than the 3rd-party AAA copy and paste we often see.

But, these often great games sadly trapped on one specific piece of hardware. Sometimes they’re trapped on that hardware forever, at least legally speaking. It’s a big shame that some of the greatest games ever created can only be played by those with a very specific box under their telly. It’s quite an archaic way of doing things in truth, and would be like Universal Music Group requiring you to use their proprietary CD player in order to listen to a new album, or Harry Potter 8 being exclusive to Kindle devices. Such daftness has happened, of course, but it’s quickly phased out. Look no further than the utterly stupid idea of making a U2 album exclusive to iPods. Bizarre.

Games are different though, and itt’s what we’re stuck with in the expensive world of video games and gaming hardware, though. All-time greats such as Bloodborne are only playable at 30fps with hefty stuttering. It’s changing soon once it finally comes to PC, but Halo is one of the most popular FPS franchises in the world and yet it’s only been playable with a gamepad.

There are some absolutely fantastic exclusives on console that could end up even better if given a PC release. Higher frame rates and resolutions, mouse and keyboard support, mods, and more.

These things are possible too. The barriers are broken down every week. It was unthinkable this time last year that Detroit: Become Human would come to PC. Sure enough, here it comes. Back in 2017, I wrote a pair of articles listing 10 console exclusives which could come to PC. 8 out of 10 of them have already launched on PC, and the other two could well follow.

But this discussion is less about which console exclusive games could come to PC, but rather which exclusives do you think deserve to be on PC with all the benefits the platform provides? Let us know below!