Call of Duty has been rattling along on its ancient IW Engine for longer than Activision probably cares to admit. It’s a rickety old thing that builds on the base of id Tech 3 at its core, an engine used for Quake III Arena all the way back in 1999. That’s all set to change with the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare though, with Infinity Ward announcing the reboot will be using an entirely new game engine to deliver massively enhanced visuals.

The developer is touting “an immersive and photo-realistic experience” thanks to the engine, which counts HDR and DirectX Raytracing among its many new visuals. COD: Modern Warfare’s engine will include a physically-based material system for photogrammetry, a new tile-based streaming system, volumetric lighting, enhanced decal rendering, and a new GPU geometry pipeline.

A lot of this is technical doodads which you don’t really need to get involved with, but the bottom line is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare should end up looking considerably better than its predecessors when it launches on October 25th.

Real-time ray-tracing is probably the biggie for those who want COD: MW to look its glorious best. It looks as if Infinity Ward is cozied up with Nvidia GeForce for this one. Spectral rendering also means thermal heat radiation and infrared can be correctly rendered for thermal and night-vision sights. No more green filter slapped over the screen, this should look like the real deal now. Ray-traced audio will also enhance the direction and volume of sounds. Improved audio simulation effects have become a bit of a buzzword since Mark Cerny talked up the PS5’s audio capabilities, but it sounds as if the future is already here for PC gamers.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare lands on October 25th for PC (through, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.