At last, our calls have been answered. No fewer than five (5!) new Battlefield V maps have been announced, promising to bring our awful map drought to an end. BFV was updated with the new Mercury map set on Crete last week but one new map in six months wasn’t really cutting it. DICE has delivered the goods with a new pre-E3 Battlefield V trailer though, showcasing five new maps that’ll be with us between now and the end of Summer, as well as teasing some more far-flung plans.

First up is the new North African map ‘Al Sundan’. Based on the map used for the single-player Under No Flag war story, this is a desert with long-distance gunplay and plenty of vehicles.

Then, in July, we get Marita. A sequel of sorts to Mercury, Marita continues the Battle of Greece with an infantry-focused map set on a giant sloping mountain ridge with a town at the mid-point.

Things get even juicier in August with two new maps in a single month. Both Lofoten Islands and Provence are touted as close-quarters maps featuring just a handful of vehicles. Lofoten definitely looks as if it’s based on a segment of the giant Firestorm map set in Norway.

And then, last but not least, the return of a Battlefield juggernaut - Metro. Renamed Operation Underground and redesigned to fit the World War 2 setting, Metro reworked features train tunnels, courtyards, and urban streets to battle through. It's probably the worst Battlefield map of all time but plenty of folks seem to love it.

Along with the new maps, there are also set to be multiple new weapons, vehicles, and gadgets added to Battlefield 5 (all free of charge, thankfully), as well as a big update to Firestorm in June.

The best bit is saved for the final slice of the trailer though. The Pacific war front is coming, complete with Japanese and American factions - boat, destroyers, beach landings, the lot. Judging from the footage it appears as if one of the Pacific maps may be a work of the legendary Iwo Jima map from Battlefield 1942. DICE’s BFV roadmap only goes up to October, so we’re expecting Pacific maps and factions to land at some point in October/November.

It’s great to see Battlefield V finally have some great stuff coming down the pipeline. The last few months have been quite the disappointment for players when compared to previous Battlefield launches. It sounds as if DICE is finally doing right by the game though, and it could well end up in a healthy place in terms of content by the time it turns a year old.