Good news - Metro Exodus is finally escaping the clutches of Epic Store exclusivity on PC! And the bad news - It’s coming to the Windows Store.

No Steam, no GOG, no Uplay. Metro Exodus is just coming to the Windows Store.

This little nugget of information comes via Microsoft itself, having launched a Windows Store page for Metro Exodus. The current Epic Store exclusive is listed as coming to the Windows 10 store on June 9th.

Connecting the dots here, and Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference also takes place on June 9th. It would appear highly likely that Microsoft has plans to announce Metro Exodus for Game Pass; either Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, or both.

Taking this all a step further, we’d hazard a guess that Metro Exodus will be a PC Game Pass exclusive. THQ Nordic’s CEO was fairly obviously disappointed with how Metro Exodus sold on the Epic Store, confirming the ‘absolute majority’ of Metro Exodus’ sales came on consoles. THQ Nordic is making plenty on console Metro sales and next to nothing on PC sales. It stands to reason they’d love to throw it on PC Game Pass and receive a fat lump sum.

It’s all theory crafting for now, but if you’ve been waiting to play Metro Exodus then there may be a very cheap way for you to do exactly that this weekend. If you’re still holding out for a Steam release though, you’ve got a lengthy wait on your hands. The Metro Exodus Steam page hasn’t been updated and, as far as we know, it can’t legally come to Steam until February 2020.

What do you reckon then, is Metro Exodus a lock for PC Game Pass? Would you be prepared to drop the cash for a monthly sub to play it rather than go through Epic? Or will you wait for Steam? Let us know!