EA hosted a half-hour segment on Battlefield V during its EA Play event, delving a little more deeply into the five new maps it revealed earlier this week, as well as showcasing a full trailer for Battlefield V Chapter 5 which finally introduces the Pacific theatre of war.

American and Japanese troops get the nod for inclusion in BFV at last, while a minimum of three new maps will be included in the free Pacific expansion. Only one of these has been confirmed so far and it’s a rework of the iconic Iwo Jima map, complete with all the landing craft and naval battles that made it such a hit.

New factions means new weapons of course, with the M1 Garand and BAR both making prominent appearances in the new trailer.

For the full run-down on the five new maps coming our way before then, starting with Al Sundan on June 27th, the full video can be seen below.