A most unexpected (and nice) surprise was tucked inside Microsoft’s Xbox conference - the announcement of a new Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s the first MS Flight sim since 2006, and the return of one of Microsoft’s PC gaming cornerstones back before 2000 and the arrival of Xbox.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is powered by Microsoft’s Azure cloud AI to deliver some mighty impressive visuals. The world is rendered in impeccable detail using satellite data, including plenty of 3D geometry and extremely high-resolution textures. Flight sim fans are going to go nuts for this one as it’s a massive upgrade over what’s come before.

It’s been yonks since I’ve given one of these a shot but MS Flight Simulator 2020 looks to be an impressive upgrade. Bung in the fact it’s going to be on Game Pass and it’s a great opportunity to give this PC stalwart a go.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming to PC and Xbox in 2020. We’ve no idea how a complex flight sim is going to work on an Xbox controller but we’re keen to see what Microsoft’s solution. The Xbox One does support mouse and keyboard of course, so there is that option.