The Surge 2
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Brutal sci-fi action sequel The Surge 2 has made its obligatory E3 appearance. Deck 13 and Focus Home Interactive’s open-ended action-RPG amps the original's brutality with its advanced limb-ripping mechanics and self-evolving nanobeasts.

“Inside the high walls of Jericho city, trapped in a technological apocalypse that threatens to consume everyone within, our hero fights to survive and uncover the truth of the disaster,” explains Focus. “Cult members hopped up on drugs, nanomachines, looters, and security forces will try to stop you wherever you go while a mysterious girl leads you to parts unknown.”

I’ve recently learned today that everybody prefers cinematic trailers to actual gameplay, so those folks are going to love this one. Utter madness but what can you do. It’s set deep in the bowels of Jericho City, and a number of factions are vying for control in a desperate post-apocalyptic world.

The Surge 2 is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on September 24th. It’s shaping up to be a packed month already, courtesy of The surge 2, Borderlands 3, Gears 5, Phoenix Point, FIFA 20, and more.