E3 2019: Stronghold Warlords announced, command the Mongol horde in 3rd Century BC

Written by Stuart Thomas on Wed, Jun 12, 2019 12:36 PM
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You’ll have to forgive me for going backward a couple of days for this one, but you may well have missed the announcement of an all-new Stronghold game from the team at FireFly Studios.

Stronghold: Warlords appears to be a dramatic change of both scenery and pace for the long-running strategy series, tasking players with overseeing a Mongol horde as it lays waste to Chinese cities and tears down imposing Japanese castles.

Going a bit ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’, players will have access to ultra-powerful Warlords in Stronghold: Warlords, each offering upgrade perks and abilities to embolden your strategic prowess, while they’re also more than a dab hand in combat too.

FireFly is promising a vast array of new units to command, such as Mongolian bowmen, imperial fire lancers, and auxiliary laddermen, as well as multiple historical campaigns set in 3rd century BC China.

Stronghold: Warlords is currently targeting a 2020 release on PC.

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10:27 Jun-13-2019

building and worker animations looks cool, but army unit look weird to me

09:49 Jun-13-2019

I see they use the same engine like in Crusader 2.
The trailers looked fine but the game was pretty bad (gave up after less than 2 hours of playing before it crashed).
I don't know what to expect from this one.


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