The dust has settled and E3 is pretty much over for another year. Most of the biggest games publishers in the world rocked up to Los Angeles to show their wares, sharing dozens of game announcements and potentially hundreds of trailers.

E3 2019 has hopefully provided a little something for everyone, whether that’s The Witcher 3 fans thirsting to see if Cyberpunk 2077 can deliver, through to Shenmue nuts finally getting a sequel two decades later. From AAA giants like Watch Dogs Legion down to potential indie gems like 12 Minutes, E3 2019 certainly hasn’t been light on great looking games.

E3 2019 Roundup: Everything that's happened at E3 2019 so far

But enough about the games for now though, as we’re here to talk about the conferences themselves. The live extravaganzas that play host to all of these reveals. Was Bethesda’s showcase a snoozefest? Did EA manage to deliver the goods this year?

We want to know what you all thought of all of the major E3 2019 conferences. At the end of it all there’ll be a shiny award handed out, while we’ll also crunch all of the data to deliver you an in-depth summary of which conferences blew the doors off E3, and which blew off their own head.

All you need to do is fill in the quick survey below. No login required; no emails collected; just have your say on what worked and what didn’t at E3 this year!

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