Well, here we go again. The ESA (Entertainment Software Association) has announced the dates for E3 2020.

The ESA couldn't even wait for E3 2019 to close its doors before revealing E3 2020 will run from 9th to 11th June 2020, and will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center once more. The usual publisher conferences will probably take place from the 6th to the 8th June.

After a comparatively low key E3 2019, we’re expecting E3 2020 to be a bit of a banger. Both Sony and Microsoft will surely be there with their next generation consoles and it means we can expect to see a whole host of next-gen game announcements.

As you’d expect, the ESA is keen to trumpet the success of E3 2019, claiming it had a record-breaking convention this year. “E3 is where the video game industry’s biggest brands and biggest fans converge to shape the future. E3’s energy and excitement were felt in the halls, on the floors, and press conferences,” said Stanley Pierre-Louis, CEO of ESA. “We broke records, saw incredible innovations, and had breathtaking moments that entertained the world. Congratulations to our creative and innovative exhibitors, members, and partners who made such a fantastic E3 possible.”

And that’s it, so see you this time next year!

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