Gears 5 has an impressively comprehensive range of PC graphics options

Written by Jon Sutton on Sun, Jul 21, 2019 12:09 PM
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The Gears 5 technical test is live this weekend, give Xbox Game Pass subscribers and those who pre-order Gears of War 5 the chance for an early hands-on. The Gears 5 tech test is limited to competitive multiplayer and runs through until 6pm BST tomorrow so there’s still time to give it a shot.

Benchmarks will be on their way soon but in the meantime, here are Gears 5’s PC graphics settings and options. From what we can tell, The Coalition is handling the PC version of Gears 5 in-house. They’ve included one of the most comprehensive sets of graphics options we’ve ever seen, providing PC players with the opportunity dozens of different aspects of Gears 5’s visuals. This covers performance-related settings as well as personal taste effects such as the strength of motion blur, sharping, lens flare, bloom, and more. You name it and you can probably tweak it to your heart's content in Gears 5.

What we end up with is an extremely customisable game which should come as welcome news for those who glanced at Gears of War 5’s recently revealed PC system specs with worry. You’re going to have total control when aiming for that 60fps target. Talking of frame rates though, Gears 5 does offer unlocked frame rates and even offers users the ability to define FPS caps independently for gameplay and cut-scenes. 

Gears 5 Video Options

  • Graphics Preset
  • Display Mode
  • Resolution Scale
  • V-Sync
  • Maximum Frame Rate
  • Cinematic Frame Rate Limit
  • Cinematic Scaling Mode
  • Field of View
  • Show Stats
  • Brightness Calibration
  • HUD Safe Zone Calibration

Gears 5 Graphics Settings

  • Texture Settings
    • Character Texture Detail
    • World Texture Detail
    • Effects Texture Detail
    • Cone Step Mapping
    • Texture Streaming
    • Texture Filtering
  • Detail Settings
    • Character Level of Detail
    • World Level of Detail
    • Foliage Level of Detail
    • Animation Quality
  • Shadow Settings
    • Dynamic Shadow Quality
    • Capsule Shadow Quality
    • Ambient Occlusion Quality
    • Ambient Occlusion Intensity
  • Environment Settings
    • Tessellation Quality
    • Volumetric Fog Quality
    • Screen Space Reflections
    • Refractions
    • Particle Spawn Rate
  • Post Process Settings
    • Lens Flare Quality
    • Light Shaft Quality
    • Bloom Quality
    • Depth of Field
    • Sub Surface Scattering
    • Motion Blur
    • Motion Blur Intensity
    • Sharpening

Gears 5 Advanced Graphics Settings

  • GPU
  • Async Compute
  • Diagnostic Mode

We’ll have our beta benchmark reports for you tomorrow but the preliminary outlook for Gears 5’s performance is definitely one of positivity. Gears of War 5 is a decent looking game with a heap of PC-specific features and, it appears, great performance. Microsoft definitely isn’t just slapping this PC version together. More tomorrow.

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12:01 Jul-22-2019

while everyone goes on and on about steam vs epic Microsoft might just end up winning the hearts of PC gamer

22:29 Jul-21-2019

what does that 'show stats' option do?

admin approved badge
20:19 Jul-21-2019

played it for while yesterday and stayed at 60 on the multiplayer it for a test runs great

16:10 Jul-21-2019

Article: look at all these amazing different settings, that lets you tweak every aspect of the graphics to hit the frames you wanna hit.

Me: Ultra, ultra, ultra, ultra, ultra, ultra, ultra, ultra, ultra ect

17:13 Jul-21-2019

Exactly max settings or bust. :) high if you want better FPS though without losing too much fidelity although im gonna be honest im most games lets say witcher 3 i cant even see the difference between high and ultra. Maybe when im focusing on something specific but its minor as hell medium-high BIG difference.

12:51 Jul-21-2019

dont forget win 1903 update

12:46 Jul-21-2019

What every pc game should have

12:29 Jul-21-2019

I remember being very happy with Gears of Wars 4's optimization and customization with graphics settings. Have no doubts 5 will be the same. Such a talented team.


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| 60FPS, Low, 1080p
Ryzen 5 5500U 6-Core 2.1GHz GeForce GTX 1650 16GB
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| 30FPS, High, 1080p
Ryzen 5 2600 GeForce GTX 1660 Gigabyte OC 6GB 16GB
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| 60FPS, Low, 1080p
Ryzen 5 5500U 6-Core 2.1GHz GeForce GTX 1650 16GB
| 60FPS, High, 1440p
Ryzen 7 5800X 8-Core 3.8GHz Radeon RX 6900 XT 16GB 32GB