Age of Wonders: Planetfall scores big in early reviews, launch trailer revealed

Written by Stuart Thomas on Wed, Aug 7, 2019 12:21 PM
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Age of Wonders: Planetfall has just released and it’s currently sitting pretty atop the Steam charts. That’s quite rare for a big new game these days, to be honest, as most are snaffled up by Epic Games. 

The initial reception to Age of Wonders: Planetfall sounds very positive, notching up an 84% average so far. It promises to provide a sci-fi spin on the usually beardy 4X antics. Think Civilization with a smattering of XCOM and you’re definitely on the right track. If you’re still on the fence, publisher Paradox has sent along a launch trailer for Planetfall and we should also have a review with you very shortly (it’s a biiiig game, bear with us).

“It’s incredible to launch Planetfall as our first project together with the team at Triumph. The Age of Wonders series is well-known within the turn-based strategy community for its broad variety of tools at the player’s disposal to wreak havoc or negotiate peace. We’re really looking forward to seeing what kind of empires our players create,” said Ebba Ljungerud, CEO at Paradox Interactive. 

“The new sci-fi setting in Planetfall presented a ton of opportunities for our team to create new lore, technologies, and other in-game features that change how the series behaves,” said Lennart Sas, CEO and Game Director at Triumph Studios. “This is a new generation for Age of Wonders." 

Age of Wonders: Planetfall is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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00:38 Aug-08-2019

This game is really good... tbh i hope more people hear about it and get it from GOG!

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13:57 Aug-07-2019

I've read a user review that said that once he got to around turn 80 the loading times would increase by a lot, and simply passing a turn could take 4-5 minutes. That's a serious issue.


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