Disintegration revealed - solo FPS from Halo co-creators, published by Private Division

Written by Neil Soutter on Thu, Aug 15, 2019 5:34 PM
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Just revealed via an Edge magazine exclusive, Disintegration is a mysterious new sci-fi first-person shooter from Marcus Lehto, one of the original creators of Halo: Combat Evolved. It’s the debut project from V1 Interactive, a new studio based in Seattle. Take-Two Interactive’s Private Division label will be handling publishing duties, its third new project after Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey and The Outer Worlds.

We have precious little to go on, for now, to be honest, other than the involvement of Marcus Lehto. V1 Interactive is comprised of a number of ex-Halo developers, such as Lehto, and appears to revolve around hovering vehicles known as gravcycles (Ghosts, anyone?), as well as the ability to command up to four AI troops on the ground.

Disintegration is set on Earth around 150 years in the future. The continued existence of the human race is under threat and many have chosen to upload their consciousness into AI frameworks. A civil war boils over between these ‘integrated humans’ and the so-called ‘naturals’. Players will step into the shoes of Romer Shoal, a rebel trying to fight back against the integrated humans in battlegrounds across Arizona, the Rocky Mountains, and Iceland.

Single-player sounds as if it’s going to be chief focus for Disintegration. V1 Interactive are touting a 12-hour or so solo campaign split across around 13 missions.

Along with these tidbits, we’ve also got our first trailer, with the promise of a full reveal during Gamescom 2019 next week.

Initially revealed in Edge, Lehto responded to the suggestion Disintegration is visually similar to Halo and Destiny, saying "It’s inescapable for me. It's in my DNA: that art style, the kind of action that is particularly interesting to me and I think would be interesting to others as well. When we were first pitching the game around, it was both an attractor and a detractor. When I pitched it to Microsoft, they were like, ‘It looks a little like Halo’. I said, ‘What do you expect? I was the guy who made Halo’."

Stay tuned for more on Disintegration from Monday.

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admin approved badge
18:47 Aug-15-2019

So we have a game (Halo) whose developers (Bungie) have moved to create another game (Destiny), but some stayed to continue developing it under a different name (343 Industries) however other developers who also created Halo formed another studio (V1 Interactive) decided to heavily inspire their next game (Disintegration) on it.

Is it just me or do too many people in the industry have Halo on their resume ?

admin approved badge
04:24 Aug-16-2019

It helps them get a job :))


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