Wasteland 3 Spring 2020 launch confirmed, Day 1 on Game Pass

Written by Neil Soutter on Fri, Nov 15, 2019 12:39 PM
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The true heir to the post-apocalyptic RPG throne is back. Wasteland 3 is now confirmed to be launching in Spring 2020. Developed by inXile Entertainment, who are themselves now owned by Microsoft, Wasteland 3 is being overseen by industry legend Brian Fargo, who helped create the original Wasteland along with Fallout and Fallout 2.

Fargo claims the studio has benefited from the influx of cash which came from Microsoft’s acquisition of the studio, allowing inXile to double down on Wasteland 3’s polish and level of graphical fidelity.

As proof of this, a new trailer for Wasteland 3 was revealed during X019, offering us a deeper glimpse of post-apocalyptic Colorado. It’s a nice change from Wasteland’s usual scorched deserts, although the frigid conditions are certainly none the easier to try and survive in.

Wasteland 3 is now locked in for a May 19th, 2020, launch on both PC and Xbox One. It’ll be available on day one through Xbox Game Pass and there’ll also be a Steam version too for those resistant.

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02:58 Nov-20-2019

I'm so hyped! Gonna start playing 2 again, now :D

15:11 Nov-15-2019

Backers must be pleased. :-)

15:35 Nov-15-2019

Indeed. This is looking fantastic.


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