Meet 'Grounded', Obsidian's new survival game which is basically Honey I Shrunk The Kids

Written by Jon Sutton on Fri, Nov 15, 2019 3:27 PM
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Obsidian has announced Grounded, an all-new game revealed just a matter of weeks after the studio launched The Outer Worlds. Grounded will be the first Obsidian title to be published by Microsoft, although it was actually in development before the esteemed studio’s acquisition earlier this year.

This makes it doubly surprising at just how Grounded has strayed from the usual RPGs pumped out by Obsidian. Grounded is a single and multiplayer survival game with a tiny twist - you're small. Really small. It's Honey I Shrunk The Kids, survival edition. Stroll through grass forests, encounter gigantic insects, and do whatever it takes to survive. That sound you hear is the developers of Smalland bashing their heads against the wall.

The comparisons with the beloved 1989 children's movie are going to be difficult to avoid, that’s for sure. You play as shrunken kids out their back garden, trying to find food to eat, water to drink, and other survival staples such as building a shelter. Of course, nothing’s ever that simple. Insects are terrifying enough for some six foot people, let alone if we were shrunk down to 6mm. Ants become giants, wasps become deadly aerial threats, and spiders, spiders can get outta here.

And yet while it’s a survival game, it doesn’t look as if it’s going to entirely rely on the familiar tropes. Obsidian being Obsidian, they are crafting a proper story for Grounded. There is a definitive end point to work towards, progressing through various areas of the garden which can be gated off depending on far you’ve advanced down the tech tree. This may harm replayability but it should go a long way toward tempting in players who perhaps aren’t usually into survival-type games. 

Grounded is coming to PC and Xbox One in Spring 2020 through Microsoft’s early access style Xbox Game Preview program. Like all of Microsoft’s first-party titles, Grounded is also going to included in Xbox Game Pass as well.

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18:02 Nov-15-2019

Nothing against this game, but I wish Obsidian would return to making RPGs with meaningful choice and stories, kill me if you want, but I think even Outer Worlds and the latest Pillars felt empty for me, like there was something missing from them

23:43 Nov-15-2019

I actually felt more interested in the story in outer worlds rather than fallout 4, outer world quests were interesting and by no means tedious, something most open world RPG developer forget about often.


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