The upcoming Radeon HD 8550M graphics card has been spotted on a German website reseller, featuring in an upcoming Asus VivoBook U38DT.

This comes as a big surprise since AMD isn't even done with the release of the whole spectrum of the Mobility Radeon HD 7000 Series. Everyone is still waiting for the announcement of the fast, high-end middle-range chips and for a possible Radeon HD 7990M to compete against NVIDIA's extremely powerful GeForce GTX 680MX...

AMD Radeon HD 8550M Mobile Graphics Card Spotted

Therefore, and as far as speculation goes, we believe Radeon HD 8550M will not be a renamed Radeon HD 7550M or a rename of any other middle-class chip of the Mobility Radeon HD 7000 Series as it wouldn't make sense to launch a new Series with the same architecture and all the Mobility Radeon HD 8000 Series are said to feature the GCN architecture already featured in the Radeon HD 7970M.

A good clue to figure out whether or not it's a rename is the launch price. It's set at 800 USD (give or take). Taking a look at the Asus VivoBook U38DT we notice the CPU falls under the middle-class segment, as does the RAM and the GPU and so this launch price is relatively high for a notebook with a renamed Radeon HD 7550M which is also a rename of the previous Mobility Radeon HD 6000 Series.

What do you guys think? Is AMD taking a big step and launching the Mobility Radeon HD 8000 Series and probably the desktop Series along with them or is this just another renamed GPU?