Most Anticipated Shooters of 2020

Written by Stuart Thomas on Tue, Dec 24, 2019 2:00 PM
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Fans of pointing, clicking, and evaporating heads quicker than you can say M-M-M-MONSTER KILL will find themselves with a typically alluring array of first-person shooter treats in 2020. The absolute don that is Doom Eternal is a highlight for solo players, along with campaign-centric treats like Serious Sam 4, which should also be a great game for the co-op crowd along with the mysterious Rainbow Six Quarantine.

Without further ado then, here are some of our most anticipated FPS games coming to PC in 2020.

Doom Eternal

On a different timeline, we'd playing Doom Eternal right now. Sadly, delays are a fact of life. We've got to wait a little longer but we're 100% sure the wait will be worth it. The recipe for success is pretty simple. Doom (2016) was a sublime reinvention of the series. Doom Eternal is the same and more. More iconic enemies. More weapons. More gadgets. More movement abilities. More violence. More everything. Expected ultra fast-paced combat, slick traversal, and a thoroughly engrossing single-player campaign. The multiplayer certainly isn't the focus but there's also a 2v1 Battlemode thrown in there for those who fancy it.


Rainbow Six: Quarantine

We'll be honest, Rainbow Six Siege's time-limited Outbreak mode was a little boring and repetitive. So hearing that Ubisoft was pretty much using this concept to spin off an entire new Rainbow Six game has us a little worried. We're prepared to give Ubisoft the benefit of the doubt with Rainbow Six: Quarantine though, particularly if it's given enough time in the proverbial oven. R6 Quarantine is a three-player co-op FPS set aboard alien spaceships and featuring a cast of familiar Operators. For many reasons we're hesitant about this one but, then again, hopes weren't exactly high fo Siege either and look how that turned out.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 5

While it's not been officially announced, word on the street is we'll be getting yet another Black Ops game just two years after Black Ops 4. Treyarch has become Activision's banker, the studio that brings in the dosh year in, year out. Reports suggest Sledgehammer Games (COD: WWII) project was canned or repurposed and Treyarch became the lead developer. The end project is expected to be COD: Black Ops V, shooter set during the Cold War and featuring the Vietnam and Korean conflicts.



Disintegration is the debut project from V1 Interactive, an all-new studio based in Seattle comprised of a number of ex-Halo alumni. The DNA of Bungie is all over this sci-fi FPS in which 'natural' humans are waging a civil war with 'integrated humans', those who've chose to upload their consciousness to AI frameworks. While on the surface Disintegration may be all Bungie, underneath lurks a hover-bike action game blended with real-time strategy. It's you, issuing commands to a squad a soldiers while you ride your trust metal steed. From the sounds of things, Disintegration is gorgeous, fast-paced, and packs both a lengthy campaign and a frenetic 5v5 multiplayer mode.


Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass

Also known as the 'lesser spotted Serious Sam', Planet Badass is a game of great mystery. We hope that's because Croteam are working wonders behind the scenes because please, for the love of god, we don't want to end up with a game like Serious Sam 3 again. It really did sap the joy out of what has always been a truly daft franchise. The good news is that Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass sounds as if it’s back to being well and truly daft, featuring the largest-scale battles yet with 1000’s of exploding enemies, a motorbike to roam the land, and an awesome variety of weapons with which to blitz those headless chumps. Now we'd just like to see the thing in action because it's been ages since this was announced and we've seen next to nothing.

Get voting for which game you're most hyped for, and if it's a game not mentioned here then let everyone else know what it is in the comments section below!

Which is your most anticipated FPS of 2020?

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admin approved badge
18:29 Dec-29-2019

DOOM, no contest!

22:37 Dec-26-2019

still waiting for a decent BF

23:38 Dec-24-2019

Loved DOOM 2016, very excited for Doom Eternal.

20:58 Dec-24-2019

Just reading the title,i was sure "Doom" is for the win.No surprise.

18:21 Dec-24-2019

Call of Duty, LOL. Will people ever learn I wonder.
It's Doom all the way baby, and there's no other Shooter that's gonna take that crown anytime soon.

admin approved badge
14:56 Dec-24-2019

Haha, you didn't even put CoD BO5 in the poll :D
I'd say I'm excited for doom eternal the most for sure, then Serious Sam 4.

And I'm curious if Treyarch will go the same direction as Infinity Ward did with MW 2019 and bring out another excellent CoD game or if they will make another BO2, BO3, BO4... Also MW 2019 broke CoD records for sales in the first 3 days and I think the first couple of months, so treyarchs crown of the cash cow has been given back to Infinity Ward at least in terms of sales. Also the battlepass was relatively well received whereas loot boxes have been getting hate from day one.

I have given up hope on R6:Siege at this point.


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