Rockstar’s picking up the pace with is Red Dead Online updates these days. They’ve just announced Moonshiners, a major new winter update for Red Dead Redemption 2’s online component which adds a bootlegging frontier pursuit. It's one part of a big winter update for RDO which is due to drop on PC and consoles come December 13th.

As a black market Moonshiner you’ll be tasked with starting up your own bootlegging business. From brewing to selling, you’ll need to get this potent booze from your brewing shack and down customers' throats. 

Just like the other Frontier Pursuits, players will be able to progress from level 1 through 20, unlocking role-specific skills such as improved distillation, methods for hiding from the strong arm of the law, and even how to sabotage rival businesses.

Moonshiner will be the fourth profession in RDO, with players already able to become Traders, Bounty Hunters, and Collectors. It sounds as if Moonshiner is going to dovetail nicely with the Trader profession for those who want to try their hand at transport more illicit wares. In fact, you’ll need to be a Rank 5 trader before you can even become a Moonshiner. Once Cripps introduces you to Maggie Fike though, you’ll be able to unlock the new profession, get your very own two-floor Moonshining Shack, and embark on a serious of new story missions. The Moonshining Shack can be upgraded with money from your operations, including building an underground bar or outfitting with a dance floor and a live band.

It’s unclear at the moment if there’s any cost to becoming a Moonshiner, although we’d imagine you’re probably going to have to stump up 15 Gold Bars for the privilege. Best get saving now...

In addition to Moonshiners, Red Dead Online’s December 13th update will also include Outlaw Pass No 2, a new Navy Revolver, an increase in the number of outfit slots, and all the usual new clothing and cosmetic accessories we’ve come to expect.

A little remind as well for those of you holding out for the Steam release - Red Dead Redemption 2 will be coming to Steam this Thursday, December 5th.