Like most people, we love surprises, and the Global Game Awards 2019 are dishing up some fantastic shocks this year. Here we are the peak of this year in gaming, celebrating the best and boldest games, as well as our most anticipated title of 2020.

This is the main event. The absolute best games of the year. We've already given you the genre by genre breakdown of the GGA winners and now it's time for the gold medallist. Your favourite game this year and the best indie game in the world 2019.

Here we reward the absolute best of the best at the Global Game Awards 2019, including your overall Game of the Year, the Best Indie, and your Most Anticipated Game of 2020.

Before then, a quick update on the Radeon RX 5700 XT Giveaway. Felix is now in the process of finding and contacting the winner so you will be notified who's won the top-end AMD graphics card within the next 24 hours or so. We will update the original competition article above with the name of the winner. Good luck to everyone who's entered!

Global Game Awards 2019 Results: Best In Gaming

Global Game Awards 2019 Results: Best Hardware

So, onwards with the major awards, here are the three biggest winners of the Global Game Awards 2019...

GAME OF THE YEAR 2019 - Death Stranding

We'll admit it, we're surprised. Death Stranding has proven a divisive experience but it would appear enough people love rather than loathe Hideo Kojima's post-apocalyptic parcel delivery simulator to hand it top honours at the GGAs. Death Stranding doesn't even come to PC until Summer 2020 but even that wasn't enough to slow its march to victory.

In many senses, Death Stranding is the antithesis of traditional AAA development. It takes risks and it isn't trying to please everyone. The end result is endlessly fascinating, a game which is all about the journey rather than the destination. Death Stranding is a sombre slow-burner, the sort of game which begs to be immersed in for hours on end rather than rewarding pick-up-and-play sessions. Big congratulations to the team at Kojima Productions then, who've somehow managed to live up to the years of frenzied hype with a wildly different experience to just about anything we've ever played before.

BEST INDIE GAME 2019 - Outer Wilds


Outer Wilds is a phenomenal experience from top to bottom. A true innovator, Outer Wilds' elevator pitch is the sun is about to go supernova and wipe out the entire solar system in 22 minutes time. Cue a continually repeated 22-minute cycle in which players must gradually unearth the deals of what makes this solar system tick. It's a clockwork machine on a galactic scale, where the entirety of your power comes from knowledge gained. The more you learn of how this strange space system works, the closer you'll be to figuring out just how to stop that supernova blast.


Well, well, well. If you thought Game of the Year was surprising, think again. Cyberpunk 2077 has won Most Anticipated game three years running and yet now, the moment before its launch, it has handed over the crown of Most Anticipated Game to none other than Dying Light 2. It was an awfully close race with Dying Light 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 scooping up 34% and 33% of the votes respectively.

Techland won over a heck of a lot of fans with the original Dying Light. Not only was it a fantastic solo and co-op first-person survival experience but it was also incredibly well supported for years after launch. Respect breeds respect and that's why Dying Light 2 is now your most anticipated game. This time around we're promised a larger city and a branching storyline courtesy of writer Chris Avellone, all of which points to Dying Light 2 becoming something really special indeed.

And that's a wrap for another year of the Global Game Awards. Thank you all for voting, congratulations to all of the winners, and do be sure to let us know what you think of the results below!