Beneath a Steel Sky sequel 'Beyond a Steel Sky' delayed into 2020

Written by Neil Soutter on Sun, Dec 8, 2019 10:09 AM
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It kind of seems obvious what with there only being a handful of weeks even left in the year but Revolution Software has confirmed Beyond a Steel Sky won’t be hitting its target 2019 launch date.

The sequel to adventure classic Beneath a Steel Sky makes the switch to full 3D adventuring with a dynamic world, branching storyline, and, shock horror, multiple solutions to puzzles. It was hoped Beyond a Steel Sky would be ready to launch this month but the release date has now been pushed back a few months.

“From the very outset, our vision has been to make Beyond a Steel Sky our most ambitious adventure to date. We re-invented conceptual innovations going back to our earliest adventures,” wrote Revolution Software in a message to fans.

“We’re pleased to say this vision is very close to being realised, but – as the eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed – the original release date was penciled in as late 2019. Owing to a need to extend the development period, we can now confirm the launch of Beyond a Steel Sky will come a few months later in 2020.”

The extra time will be used to ensure Beyond a Steel Sky lives up to Revolution’s original vision. This includes “conceptual innovations” such as system hacking and Virtual Theatre. The Virtual Theatre is a fairly ambiguous term which relates to a more dynamic world. NPC behaviours are being designed in a natural manner (they’ll wrap up conversations before talking to you, for example), while some will also go around and fix the various items you’ve hacked. It’s all in an effort to make an adventure game feel more dynamic than the usual single-screen puzzle antics.

Unfortunately this does all mean we’ll have to wait a little longer. Revolution has said Beyond a Steel Sky should be coming to PC and consoles in early 2020.

In the meantime, be sure to check out Beyond a Steel Sky’s PC system specs to ensure you’re good and ready. It’s not the most demanding game, in truth, evident by the fact it’s also coming to Apple Arcade.

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09:13 Dec-10-2019

Is this yet another point and click adventure game with very little to no gameplay?


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