Battlefield V is about to say hello to one of the most iconic multiplayer maps in history. Battlefield 1942’s legendary Wake Island is coming to Battlefield as a free update on December 12th, featuring that same familiar horseshoe design but clocking in at roughly twice the size.

DICE has said the improvements made to BFV’s version of Wake Island are designed to improve the pacing of matches. Snipers and other long range weapons won’t be too overpowered though, with additional valleys and vegetation providing plenty of cover for running between the flags. 

Wake’s always been a classic map and it should be an excellent showcase for Battlefield V’s land, sea and air sandbox antics. Couple it with the recently released Iwo Jima and Pacific Storm maps and DICE is finally doing the franchise justice again.

You may have spotted a teaser for a new map tucked in right at the end there, possibly a fourth and final location for the Pacific chapter. It’s pretty much impossible to tell whether it’s a new map or a remake but I guess it could possibly be a Guadalcanal rejig.

Wake Island comes to Battlefield V as a free update on December 12th.