Netflix has dropped the third and final trailer for The Witcher, a new fantasy series based on the bestselling books Andrzej Sapkowski, which themselves, of course, formed the basis for CD Projekt RED’s critically acclaimed trilogy of The Witcher games.

There’s a whole lot of The Witcher, basically, but if it’s new Witcher you’re after then Season 1 debuts on Netflix from December 20th. The new trailer is a dark, brooding affair, teeing up a tale of a world ravaged by evil as our friend Geralt of Rivia, a sorceress, and a runaway princess, find their lives forever entwined.

It’s all looking quite promising, to be honest, so we’re quietly optimistic that The Witcher could end up being those rarest of beasts - a TV series that satisfies fans of both the novels and the games. I’m probably kidding myself there though, the angry mob knows no bounds these days.

The Witcher: Series 1 comes to Netflix on December 20th.