Picture the scene: It’s the morning. You make yourself a lovely cup of coffee and head on over to your PC. Sleepily, you turn it on. Pop. Your CPU has gone up in smoke, gently steaming just like your coffee. Typical. Now you’re gonna need a new one. It is time, you suspect, for an immensely important decision.

Choosing a new processor has never been easy. You’re not exactly limited in the choice you could make. There are literally hundreds of them. Trust me, I’m constantly adding the things to GD. 

But one choice sits above all else, and it’s a decision which will ultimately guide you down the path to the CPU you eventually buy - Intel or AMD? For a while there, the answer was always Intel. Head back into the foggy haze of history and AMD had the upper hand. But now? Now it’s a processor war-zone out there

For gamers though, the equation is quite a bit different from your typical PC or CPU customer. We’re more inclined to research our purchases, for one, and we’re also happy to dig deep to try and find out just what the gaming ramifications could be. Knowing we need to keep abreast of game system specs as well, we also want to know we’re getting value for money. On all of these fronts, AMD has really come out fighting as of late. 2nd Gen Zen processors are knocking it out of the park in terms of gaming performance and value for money, putting the heat on Intel like never before. 

AMD has come out all guns blazing with Ryzen over these past couple of years while Intel has still held a firm grip on the lion’s share of the market due to brand recognition and a reputation for quality. Team Red's aggressive approach led to Intel slashing its prices across the board, win/win for the games. Team Blue continues to pump out the best gaming CPUs in existence, with alarming regularity, while AMD is ratcheting up the core count to insane levels.

Knowing all that you know now then, and bearing in mind the scenario outlined above, if you bought a new CPU right now, would it be AMD or Intel? And why?

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