We’re deep in mid-winter here in the UK and it still feels like a relatively balmy autumn day. Snow is seemingly nought but a pipe dream, at least until Asobo Studio rocked up with a frost-draped new trailer for the breathtaking Microsoft Flight Simulator.

As you’re probably aware by now, MS Flight Sim 2020 features a massive photorealistic world to explore in a flying tube, offering petabytes of geographic data beamed from the cloud. Part of all this will include dynamic weather effects such as snow, blanketing the landscapes in a crisp layer of the white stuff depending on when and where you’re flying.

Just as with anything related to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 it looks predictably gorgeous in the new trailer, transforming some familiar locales into powdery paradises.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is still on target to take off on PC at some point in 2020, with an Xbox One version to follow at a later date.